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LinkedIn KILLED the Video Star… and that's YOU!

As of Monday 26 June (3 days from now) you can't upload a Profile Video to sit behind your LinkedIn mugshot. CRAZY but TRUE, so act NOW or LOSE it

The Profile Video (formerly Cover Story) is a free facility to upload a Tik-Tok style video clip of up to 30 seconds.
There's a mini-preview that runs ('Harry Potter' style) when people cursor over your photo and they can click to view the full video .

Well, in these heady days of fake profiles with AI-generated photos, a video is at least harder to fake and it reinforces the feelings of connection with you, the person.
So, brilliant timing LinkedIn, as usual - doh!

You can move fast and record a profile video, which doesn't have to be a slick Hollywood production.
See mine for example, recorded on my phone propped on an upturned waste paper basket in about twenty minutes... Ta-daa!
Home-spun? Sure, but it's authentic, and that's how I roll 

Make a personal video (maybe a bit longer than 30 seconds?) and post it to YouTube or similar (another great tip from my pal Allen Ruddock).

Create a Post with an image (thumbnail?) linking to the video and put it into your Featured Section so people can still watch you 'in person' and see how cuddly you really are!

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