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How 'FREE' is FREE (as in FREE Networking Meetings)?

How 'FREE' is FREE?

'Free' always has an agenda (to get your contact details, your attention or whatever) and usually leads towards a sale of some sort...

If a SOcial MEdia account is free, then YOU are the product.

LinkedIn can sell more ads more expensively (and more Sales Nav subs!) with 950m Members than it could with ninety-five - so when you sign up free you're adding value to Microsoft's product (ergo, bottom line).

In Networkland (TM) most regular groups offer a free trial or two, then require a sub.

We're all in business to make money - and that's not easy in the networking arena, unless you're a global MLM like Mr Misner's BNI, and that's taken 30+ years to build.

And attending any networking event takes up a chunk of your time.

Factor in your hourly rate, and even (up to) £1,200 or so annual cash outlay (subs, breakfasts, travel etc) is dwarfed by the time cost.

A breakfast meeting can easily take up 3 hours of your day.  Even at a modest £30 per hour, £90 x 50 meetings = £4,500 a year.

If you're a SmartNeworker (TM) you can build your own network but most find the support of a regular group is invaluable...

In-person meetings have venue and catering costs, so you won't find many of those for free!

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