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Why join the award-winning Networking In Surrey community?

As a Member you can add your own events and make blog posts. Other members of the local business networking community will be able to view your profile and connect with and contact you. These are the people you'll be meeting at networking events, so it will help you follow up your new contacts. The site is locally focused, and the idea is to facilitate face-to-face, in-person networking, not just connecting online. And it's FREE - so why wouldn't you? :o)

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What should my profile include?

Start with your photo and your full name (no tricky nicknames or cartoon avatars please!) People are more inclined to connect with you if you have a credible presence on the site. To change or add your photo later (let's banish those sinister blue silhouettes!) go to 'My Page' and move your cursor to the photo - you should see the clickable message 'Change Photo'. The text section is fairly free-form, based on the guided questions we ask you at sign-up time. Be specific about the business leads you're looking for (you can change these regularly). KISS - keep it short and sweet, please! And please remember to go to the bottom of the page to Save your new photo or amended profile details...

What events can I add to the site?

We focus on local networking - so in-person events outside Surrey will only feature occasionally, at our discretion. However, we take an 'old-school' view of county boundaries - so London Boroughs such as Croydon and Richmond still count as Surrey! We are increasingly featuring online events which of course go beyond geographical boundaries.  Members can also post commercial events such as training seminars, workshops and other promotional activities at favourable rates - find more details here. These will be clearly indicated as MEMBER PROMOTIONS (and most will offer networking elements and opportunities). We will moderate every event posted with this in mind. MORE ABOUT ADDING EVENTS HERE

What about Blog posts?

Blogs and forums are notorious for SPAM - thinly disguised pitches of products and services. PLEASE AVOID! We don't have a forum, but Members can make, and comment on, blog posts. Please apply the classic networking etiquette and best practice of 'Givers Gain' - and post news, genuine advice and suggestions, questions, and the odd joke or comment on current events (in moderation). In short, the kind of thing you'd discuss or chat about at a networking event. If you stray into SPAM territory, we'll draw it to your attention - in a friendly way, of course!

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